Establishing an Estonian company through e-Residency Hub

Establishing a company through e-Residency Hub is easy. The entire process can be completed in just a few days following the steps below.

Choose a name

Enter your desired company name. The company’s name must be entered using Latin characters. e-Residency Hub will automatically check against the Estonian Business Registry to ensure your selected name is available.

If your company name is similar to another name which is already registered, you will get an alert. It is then up to you whether to proceed with your selected name or choose another name. If you choose to proceed anyway, there is a chance that your selected name will be rejected by the court. In this case, you can still change the name and get your company registered without any additional costs.

Enter your company details

Enter your personal details (name and address). Note that the address where you conduct business will be publicly available on your company’s registration certificate. We will provide you with a legal mailing address in Estonia. You will be asked to enter your Estonian ID code, which is an 11-digit number printed on your e-Residency card.

Next, select your company’s business area. If your company’s business area is not listed, you may describe it in your own words and we will select the best option for you. Please note that you need to report your company’s primary field of activity to the Estonian Business Registry. If your business is complex and involves other fields, you do not need to specifically inform the Estonian Business Registry. However, if your primary field of activity changes, then you must accordingly update your entry in the Estonian Business Registry.

We also need information about other beneficial owners your company may have. “Other beneficial owners” are people who do not feature on a company’s formal registry card, but who in reality have a controlling role over the decisions the company makes. If such persons exist, you must provide their personal data as well. If such other beneficiaries do not exist, you must confirm this by ticking the appropriate box. Read more here

Describe your business

Tell us about your plans and the type of business you intend to conduct. This includes info about what you are going to sell, who are your typical clients and suppliers.

Choose your plan

Choose the pricing level that is best suited to your needs. We offer four pricing tiers to ensure a good fit for everyone. You are always free to change your plan in the future. If you need any support regarding our pricing plans, get in touch.

At this stage you can select the type of banking solution you wish to have for your new Estonian company. We currently work with a payment service provider TransferWise and a traditional commercial bank LHV. You should also read our article about selecting the best banking partner where we describe the key terms and conditions for their services.

For concrete step-by-step instructions click below

Review and pay

Review the summary page, which provides an overview of all details you have provided. If you need to change anything, you can go back and make the relevant edits. Once everything looks good, confirm your answers and pay. You can pay using credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. As soon as payment is transferred, you will get a confirmation email and receipt.


After we have reviewed your application, you will need to verify your email address and digitally sign the company establishment documents using your Estonian ID card (learn how to digitally sign documents here). After digitally signing the documents, an Estonian court will make a formal decision and issue your company’s registration number. You will receive a confirmation email from the court within three business days.

Sign the contract

After your company has been formally established, you will be able to digitally sign a contract between your new Estonian company and e-Residency Hub.