About Estonia

10 reasons Estonia is the perfect place to start your business

1. Ideal for startups

Estonia has more startups per capita than any other country in Europe. Examples include Skype, Pipedrive, TransferWise, Monese, and Bolt.

2. IT focused

By upending traditional systems in government, bureaucracy, and citizenship, Estonia is leading the way in applying modern IT solutions. With world-leading IT infrastructure, Estonia allows you to establish a company over the internet and manage it from anywhere in the world.

3. Ease of doing business

Estonia offers an efficient and reliable legislative environment for businesses with simple, transparent rules and minimal bureaucracy.

4. Low operating costs

Compared to other EU nations, the costs of running a business in Estonia are low. Price of prefessional services – cost relating to accounting, auditing, legal advice and state fees are all lower than EU averages.

5. Business friendly tax system

With no corporate income tax on reinvested profits, Estonia ranks first in the International Tax Competitiveness Index. for 6 years in a row.

6. Investor friendly

Foreign and domestic investors are treated the same, giving international investors the benefit of EU subsidies and public support measures. Rule of law and low corruption add to the attractiveness of the Estonian business environment.

7. EU market access

Estonia is part of the European Union. Estonian companies have full access to the EU Common Market and benefit from free movement of goods and services in the EU.

8. Eurozone membership

Estonia is part of the Eurozone. Estonian companies benefit from the financial security of the euro, one of the world’s largest and most stable currencies.

9. Stability and good reputation

Estonia boasts world-leading e-Governance solutions, record-low public debt, low corruption, and high political stability.

10. Safety and security

Estonia is a member of NATO and ranks 7th worldwide in cybersecurity. Deposits in Estonian banks are backed by a €100,000 guarantee by the Estonian government.

Quick facts about Estonia

45,339 km2

1.3 million people

Euro (€)


7% of GDP


of citizens have a smart ID card

of banking transactions are handled electronically

of people file their taxes electronically

of the population uses the internet daily