About us

Who are we?

e-Residency Hub was born out of the friendship and cooperation between Martin Lään and Andrus Ümarik. Martin has experience in diplomacy, combined with an MBA from IMD business school. Andrus had created a successful start-up in the field of e-invoicing. Together they established Expat Relocation Estonia in 2013, a company currently operating Estonian government’s Settle in Estonia programme.

Later, Andrus and Martin decided to expand their focus to include e-Residents — entrepreneurs without a physical presence in Estonia who conduct business by way of Estonia’s e-Governance infrastructure.

Today, our team includes 15 individuals comprised of accountants, IT developers, customer service representatives, and management professionals. We work hard to deliver high-quality service and advice to e-Residents every day. More than 700 Estonian e-Residents trust us to take care of their companies’ accounting, tax, and compliance needs.

Our mission

We aim to provide a simple, automated, and hassle-free method to establish and manage a company from anywhere in the world. We leverage the Estonian e-Residency programme and Estonia’s innovative business environment to make entrepreneurship easy and affordable, no matter who you are or where you live.

Meet our core team

Martin Lään


Andrus Ümarik

Business Development

Liis Lään


Eveli Rumm


Justine Lunario

Customer onboarding