Extra services offered by e-Residency Hub

In addition to the services offered to our clients as part of their service package, e-Residency Hub offers a wide variety of other services that your business may need. A list of such services, together with the respective fees, is given below.

All fees are quoted without the Estonian VAT of 20%.

Service Price without VAT
Services related to company documents
Certificate of income tax paid on dividends 25 €
Notarised company registry card (in English or Estonian) 20 €
Notarised company Articles of Association (in Estonian) 20 €
Notarised Articles of Association (sworn translation to English) 100 €
Notarised Articles of Association (sworn translation to other languages) Depends on language
Company Certificate of Tax Residency 20 €
Notarised list of Beneficial Owners (in English or Estonian) 20 €
Apostille 45 €
Courier and mailing services
Forwarding documents to client (UPS courier) 90 €
Forwarding documents to client (registered mail) 30 €
Dissolving / liquidating a company
Dissolving a company 400 €
Service fee for taking back a liquidation petition 50 €
Changes in the Commercial Register
Making changes in the Estonian Business registry (e.g. share capital downpayment, changes to the board, contact data, etc). Includes state fee of 25 € 75 €
Increasing share capital. Includes state fee of 25 € 125 €
State fee for reinstating a company in case the company was deleted bt the Registry keeper (no VAT is added) 200 €
Processing the company reinstateement 50 €
Accounting services (in case volumes exceed the limits of the service package)
Extra bank account / payment gateway 25 € / month
Additional sales channel or Amazon marketplace 45 € / month
Extra invoices (price for each batch of 25 invoices) 25 €
Additional currency 25 € / month
Processing a refund of VAT paid in other EU countries 75 €
Applying for an EORI number 30 €
Video consultations
Consulting services via video call about e-Residency and operating a company in Estonia (minimum time 30 min) 50 € / h
Services requiring a notary
Preparing Power of Attorney documents for the notary and representing client at the notary (fee includes notary fees). In case of more than 3 parties to the transaction, fee shall be higher 400 – 1,000 €

(exact quote depends on the structure of the deal)