1. Company registration online

  1. Online business formation

    Get a private limited company registered in Estonia (in the EU). Registration takes just minutes online, and an official decision will be made by the court within three business days.

  2. Legal business address and contact point

    Registering a company in Estonia requires a legal business address. Our service includes a local address in the business district of Tallinn and contact point in Estonia.

  3. No up-front equity required

    Minimum equity (€2,500) only needs to be paid in when you want to pay dividends.

  4. VAT registration (if needed)

    VAT registration is voluntary from day one and becomes mandatory only if your company's revenue exceeds €40,000 per year.

2. Remote administration

Web-Based Accounting

Convenient processing of your sales invoices and purchase invoices/receipts through a cloud-based application

Online Dashboard

Secure online access to your company finances, including unpaid invoices, bank balances, etc

Digital Signing

Tools for digitally signing pre-prepared reports, contracts, and documents from anywhere

3. Support in setting up your business banking

  1. Selecting the right kind of account (classic bank vs fintech)

  2. Access to global payment service providers (e.g. PayPal, Holvi, Payoneer)

  3. With a business banking account you can get a fully-functional bank card

  4. Secure online banking

4. Mail processing

Incoming postal mail is processed, digitized, and forwarded daily

Physical storage of incoming mail & documents

Secure digital storage of electronic documents

Scanned copies of all documents sent to your inbox

5. Comprehensive accounting service

  1. Tax reporting and accounting

  2. Convenient cloud-based accounting tool

  3. Automated processing of purchase invoices and receipts

  4. Payroll administration

  5. Dividend payment

6. Compliance and support

Monthly tax reporting

Statistical reporting

Filing your Annual Report

Customer support via phone or email