Holvi MasterCards working again (updated)

Holvi has announced that their corporate bank cards are working again. Read the statement here:

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Holvi has issued a statement, announcing that their MasterCards are curently suspended because of recent events in connection with the insolvency of Wirecard AG. The statement can be read here.

For our clients who face problems regarding this issue, e-Residency Hub recommends to apply for a TransferWise account and bank card. TransferWise cards are working properly and can be used for all business transactions. For detailed information about how to open a TransferWise account, please see our instructions here.

Please note that in case you live in one of these countries, your TransferWise card can be delivered directly to your home country. For clients living in other countries of the world, your TransferWise card can be delivered to e-Residency Hub in Estonia. We will then forward your card to you.