e-Residents can

Establish a company online

  • Start a company online from anywhere in the world
  • Access business banking and online payment service providers, such as PayPal
  • Be the full owner of your company – no local director needed

Manage digitally

  • Digitally sign documents anywhere
  • Encrypt and send files securely – no more scanning and posting
  • Easily declare taxes online

Achieve location independence

  • Continue operating your company online while traveling
  • No need to re-establish your company after moving abroad
  • Focus on your passion, not paperwork

How to Apply for e-Residency

  1. Gather documents for application

  2. Submit your application using the secure online form

  3. Wait for your application to be approved and processed

  4. Receive confirmation that your application was approved

  5. Pick up your digital ID card in person from your chosen pickup location

Please keep in mind: You must pick up your ID card at an Estonian embassy or consulate, or inside Estonia. If you do not have a pickup location in your country, you can arrange to pick up the card in another country.

See our FAQ for more information

Required documents for application

  • A copy of your government-issued ID
  • A passport-style digital photo
  • Motivation statement
  • Visa or Mastercard

e-Residents receive a digital ID card that provides:

  • A government-issued digital identity

  • Secure access to e-services

  • Digital signing and authentication of documents

The digital ID card and e-services are built on state-of-the-art technological solutions, including 2048-bit public key encryption. The digital ID card contains a microchip with two security certificates: PIN1 for authentication and PIN2 for digital signing.

The digital ID card is not a physical identification or a travel document, and does not display a photo.

Apply for e-Residency Now

e-Residency Basics


  • Estonian e-Residency is a secure, government issued digital identity that gives you access to Estonian e-services.
  • These services include digital authentication, digital signatures, online banking, and the ability to found a company.
  • In other words, e-Residency provides access to the EU business environment from anywhere in the world.


  • Applying for e-Residency is as simple as submitting your application and paying the state fee (€50).
  • After that, you will receive a secure, chip-enabled digital ID-card, which usually arrives at your pickup location in about one month.
  • Once you have your ID card, you can start the process for creating your company (read more about founding a company here).


  • There are no geographic limitations on who can become an e-Resident.
  • Estonian e-Residency is available to anybody in the world, but you must collect your ID card in person from an Estonian embassy or consulate (find yours here).


  • e-Residency is ideally suited for anyone who would like to remotely establish and operate an EU-based company with minimal bureaucracy and favorable taxes.
  • Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, freelancers, independent consultants, and digital nomads have already applied for Estonian e-Residency from 138 countries, and those numbers continue to grow every day.


As one of the most advanced digital societies on the planet, Estonia’s benefits are attracting talented professionals from all over the globe:

  • Estonia is extremely stable, with membership within the EU, NATO, OECD, WTO, Digital 5, and Eurozone.
  • Estonia offers very low start-up and maintenance costs for businesses.
  • Growth is incentivized with 0% corporate tax on reinvested profits.
  • Estonian businesses benefit from minimal paperwork and a simple tax framework.
  • Estonia’s transparent business environment leads to low corruption.
  • Estonia is part of the Eurozone, which decreases the risk of currency fluctuations.