5 steps to start your company

  1. Choose Your Company Name

    Enter your desired company name. The company's name must be entered using Latin characters. e-ResidencyHub will automatically check the Estonian Business Registry to see if this name is available. If the desired name is not available, or if it is highly similar to another registered name, you will get an automatic alert and suggestions for other possible names.

  2. Enter Your Company Details

    Enter your name, home address, and Estonian ID code. If you do not yet have Estonian ID code, click here. Next, select your company's business area. If your desired business area is not listed in the menu, you may describe it in your own words. To found a company in Estonia, you will need an Estonian business address. e-ResidencyHub will provide this address for you.

  3. Choose Your Package

    e-ResidencyHub provides a complete accounting solution for your company, where all necessary information is provided to you online. Depending on the size of your company and your accounting needs, we offer three different service packages.

  4. Review & Pay

    Look over the summary of all details provided. If you need to change anything, simply go back to the Company Details page. If everything looks good, you can confirm your answers and pay via PayPal. You will get confirmation and a receipt via email upon payment.

  5. Authenticate

    Within one working day, we will send you instructions about how to digitally sign your documents using your Estonian ID card (learn how to digitally sign documents online here). After digitally signing the documents, an Estonian court will make a formal decision, issue a company registration number, and send you a confirmation email within three working days.

* Establishing a company carries a one-time fee of €200, including the €185 State Fee