1. Startup paradise

    Estonia has more start-ups per capita than any other country in Europe, including Skype, Funderbeam, Transferwise, Skeleton, and many others.

  2. IT haven 

    Estonia is leading the way in applying modern IT solutions, and has begun by upending traditional systems in government, bureaucracy, and citizenship.  With world-leading IT infrastructure, you can establish an Estonian company, over the internet and run it from anywhere in the world.

  3. Ease of doing business

    Estonia offers an efficient and reliable legislative environment for businesses with simple, transparent rules and low bureaucracy. In addition, Estonia ranks 8th according to the Wall Street Journal in the Index of Economic Freedom.

  4. Low cost of running a business

    Compared to other EU nations, prices in Estonia are competitive, affecting everything from hiring to office rental, travel, and other business services.

  5. Simple and low taxation 

    According to the OECD, Estonia ranks #1 in the International Tax Competitiveness Index, offering 0% corporate income tax on reinvested profits.

  6. Investor-friendly 

    Foreign investors are handled the same as domestic investors, meaning investors benefit from EU subsidies and public support.

  7. Access to EU market

    Estonia can grant membership into the EU business community, giving you trouble-free access to clients throughout the European Union.

  8. Membership in the Eurozone

    As an EU business transacting with Euros, you will have the financial security of a currency protected against fluctuations.

  9. Global reputation 

    Estonia offers world-leading e-Governance solutions, record-low public debt, low corruption, and high political stability.

  10. Safety & Security 

    Deposits in Estonian banks are protected from bank failure with a €100,000 guarantee by the Estonian government. Plus, Estonia is a member of NATO and ranked 7th worldwide in cybersecurity.



of citizens have an ID-card


of banking transactions are handled electronically


of people file their taxes electronically


of the population is using the internet daily

Quick Facts


1.3 million


45,339 km2



Member of


ICT sector

7% of GDP